PET Preform


Commercial PMMA acids with high light permeability and good resistance to environmental factors and the average is an amorphous polymer having a Tg of 1050C. Methyl methacrylate, methyl ester is obtained introducing the polymer by the polymerization. PMMA 1.19 g / cm 3 density and very low water absorption as eder.k ristal appears bright, outdoors wear-resistant, which is half the weight of the glass weight of the plastics are high impact strength.PMMA, methyl methacrylate is a polymer produced by the polymerization. Commercial production of general-radical addition polymerization is carried out by suspension or bulk polymerization techniques. Methyl methacrylate, a polymerizable monomer is anionic via mechanisms. Syndiotactic or isotactic PMMA by anionic polymerisation is obtained. The optical properties of polymer and glass transparency is very good, close to 92% of the light passes trays. You also;atmosphere, eg ship hulls resistant, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and hard. Because of these properties is used in place of the glass. PMMA is a polymer much affected by changes in temperature, although temperatures as low as 65 ° C in pure form is based on. Into use temperature 100 ° C until addition of heat stabilizers can be improved. According to the form of the refractive index takes values between 1.49 and 1.51.Optical clarity is high and spends 90% of incoming light. Has a stable structure even if in prolonged sunlight and does not decay. Moisture, alkalis, aqueous acids, oils and many solvents resistant material. PMMA materials made from high mechanical strength and good dimensional stability has a tear in the not broken and scratch resistance is quite high. PMMA automotive vehicle lights, shapes and lighting systems, as well as advertising boards, kitchen and bathroom supplies, glasses and a digital hour glass There are also many application areas, such as. PMMA Company if ordered 50 tons of scrap sheet and vicinity are supplied.