About Us


Since 2007, since in the plastics industry recycling machinery and raw materials in the supply companies operating in that we received various tasks as a result we have gained experience and knowledge in the light we have established PLA to plastic raw materials and machinery representative companies in the industry with our activities continue, we decided. This decision Us Abroad plastic raw material manufacturers and providers at the same time machinery and spare parts manufacturers and the close relationship of our shares to be underestimated as much as is. Our fields of activity of all sorts of chips, scrap and granular plastic raw material supply was offered to the customers along with the representations we have received plastic sheet line machinery and industrial blades marketing & sales in the sector take our place we have. Vision in Turkey and all over the world the ability to trade reliable and the same quality, serving customers and human resources, the most valuable capital as accepting, business ethics, morality worthy of the constant difference and value creates its competitors with respect and be a pioneer adopted the motto that, with every passing over time technological developments follow the self-renewal, universal and respected high to a company. Mission of customers and the market's needs and expectations in the best way, by analyzing the most accurate source the most suitable solutions and cost services that can provide the alternative supply channels and extensive product and service range to the market in the fastest way that conveys ethical values and social responsibility has adopted the principles of customer satisfaction above all else, keeping demand the highest level meet to be a company. Strategies our suppliers and our customers for the work
• Customer and our suppliers happy to work as being a company,
• all over the world high quality products to ensure and to provide services,
• Local and global number of connections rapid growth in the register.
• Customer and supplier relationships proactively manage. products and quality of service at all times to develop
• Business processes The most efficient way to manage
• Product and service quality at the highest level to offer.
• Contact the most effective way to continue to provide global company to be
• in foreign trade transactions rapid development, obtaining
• to customers on a global scale, we deliver product
• World markets the best way to integrateWorths Supplier and customer-focused, respectful and honest. always be innovative work focused on customer expectations. sensitive to environmental awareness. emphasis on ethical values